Tauranga City Council - Welcome Bay

This modelling study was undertaken to assist Tauranga City Council (TCC) with management of stormwater in the catchment. The model is to be used for the generation of flood hazard maps, and may subsequently be used to assess options for upgrading the stormwater system.

The outcome of the project produced a MIKE FLOOD stormwater/flooding model of the Welcome Bay catchment for TCC. The model includes the stormwater reticulation dynamically linked to the ground surface. The model will be used to produce flood maps for Existing Development (ED) and Future Design scenario design storm events, and should be suitable for use in detailed design of remedial options. The most probable development scenarios were run with rainfall and tide boundaries adjusted for anticipated 2055 climate conditions.

Other projects undertaken for TCC include:

  • Bethlehem
  • Mt Maunganui
  • Brookfield
  • CBD

These projects included the development of highly detailed (all pipes) stormwater catchment models using MIKE FLOOD. Many of the models were run using the flexible mesh engine and include significant open channel networks modelled using MIKE 11. All models were validated to the April 2013 rainfall event and were used to generate existing development and MPD/climate change flood hazard maps.