About Us

Awa was started as a small firm specifically to allow a range of innovation in technical expertise that is difficult to achieve in a large global firm. To enable this, we have put together a team of people with diverse backgrounds and experience whose skills complement and support each other in delivering our projects.

Our Team

Craig Martell


Brad Scarfe

General Manager Operations

Steve Willsher

Southern Regional Manager

Philip Caughey

Senior Programmer

Kirsten Henden

Geologist / Stormwater Modeller

Carl Johnson

Simulation Engineer

Tony Trueman

Hydrologist / Spatial Analyst

Navin Weeraratne

Engineering Lead

James Taylor

Water Engineer

Amy Waters

Graduate Hydraulic Modeller

Marco Delcarme

Civil Engineer

Sean Pearce

Graduate Water Engineer

A technological focus for environmental change

Advances in technology are driving change everywhere, and this is certainly reflected in our growing practice of hydraulic modelling at Awa Environmental. Our advanced asset management tools play an essential role in successfully overcoming the challenges faced in both public and private infrastructural growth.

Our Services