Our Services


Awa Environmental offers a range of specialist services within the fields of civil and environmental engineering. Our engineers can work alongside other industry partners such as public authorities, asset owners, architects and planners to plan and deliver safe and resilient built environments that sustains and enhance our natural environments and ecosystems.

Specific areas in which our engineering services can assist you includes:

Water Sensitive Design
Stormwater Mangement & Catchment Planning
Flood Risk Assesment
Three Waters Infrastructure Design & Delivery

Hydraulic Modelling

Awa Environmental can offer a range of innovative simulation services. These include computer-based mathematical modelling tools to support a range of infrastructure planning needs varying from flood mitigation and environmental compliance to spatial planning and asset management.  Our integrated modelling services can be based on either Innovyze (InfoWorks) or DHI (Mike) suites of software. Over a number of years we have developed specialised automation, calibration, validation and visualisation tools to improve quality, effectiveness and speed of third party modelling software.

Our services in this space includes:

1D/2D Integrated Stormwater Catchment Modelling
Customised Geospatial Analysis
& Model Data Management Tools
Flood Plain
Wastewater Network Modelling

Strategic Consulting

Awa provides a suite of strategic consulting services in business, policy, planning and land development domains. Experienced at taking business opportunities and ideas to market, as well as in strategic thinking within policy, infrastructure planning and land management arenas.

A unique range of business management, commercialisation, engineering, planning, software and delivery execution skills allow Awa to support ideas and innovation.

Below are key areas of strategic consulting we can assist you with:

Business Development
Corporate Systems
Reserved agreements & DC's
Project management & Governance
Relationship Management
Shareholder Fundraising
Strategic Planning/Hearings